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Azizi Life celebrates the beauty of connections: Connections that bring a fair wage to hard-working Rwandan artisans; Connections that give you a glimpse into someone else's world; Connections that put beautiful and functional art at your fingertips!

Advocacy Home Parties!

Become an Advocate and connect friends and family to Azizi Life Artisans in a whole new way! Our newest opportunity for people who love Rwanda and its people includes everything you will need to throw a great home party and get others excited about Rwanda, too!
Support our artisan partners and your own family with 15% earnings on each sale.

To start: collect $300 worth of Rwandan treasures for only $125. Click here to see more.

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a day with the artisans

Coming to Rwanda?
The artisans invite you to join their family for a day!
Azizi Life Experiences is a new way for the artisans to continue to earn a fair income while showing guests the beauty and rigor of their daily lives. Learn more here!