links to like-minded people

common vision

These are just a few people and organisations who have the same heart and desire to see an end to poverty. Please do go check out their own websites for more details on each one.

partnership in hope

This Christian organisation helps create opportunities for disadvantaged people to find self-sufficiency through entrepreneurialism.

fh procom

This Rwandan registered charity is dedicated to seeing the eradication of poverty and the creation of a sustainable development programs.

sara groves

Sara Groves is a talented singer-songwriter and, together with Troy Groves, her husband, manager, and percussionist, is a fervent supporter of Rwanda and its people.


Nicamade works to help Nicaraguan families earn a 'liveable' income by working with others in their community.

providence marketing associates

PMA is a manufacturers' sales rep company that was founded on Biblical business principles and has provided much practical encouragement to Azizi Life.

david keltonic design

David Keltonic is the head of Azizi Life's volunteer graphic design team. He is the creator of our Logo & the entire "look" of Azizi Life!


Gitarama is a cottage luxury brand that imports handmade purses and other artisans goods from Rwanda and is a long time supporter of Azizi Life.

food for the hungry UK

This Christian charity helped create Azizi Life and continue to support our efforts in Rwanda.

food for the hungry global

This international Christian relief and development organisation is now working in more than 26 countries around the world.

global relief & development partners

The mission of GRDP is to inspire and strengthen promising entrepreneurs in emerging countries like Rwanda. Azizi Life has certainly benefited from their coaching.

rising international

Rising promotes ownership of craft-based businesses by women in both impoverished areas of developed nations, as well as in developing nations.

premium power solutions

This Arizona-based company offers solutions to mechanical problems in the natural gas and oil industries, and also has a heart for helping others.


Creative, hard working and patient Ben from base2 is the wonderful creator and developer of the beautiful website that you see before you.