Abaharaniriterambere (formerly Abahuzamugambi) Cooperative

at a glance

  • Abaharaniriterambere means People Fighting for Development Cooperative.

  • Abaharaniriterambere’s artistic specialty is creating functional household items from banana leaves.

  • Abaharaniriterambere works in the beautiful Nyaruguru District.

  • Currently, the artisans of Abaharaniriterambere work in the local schoolyard, but they dream of building their own weaving house.

  • The group has about 28 members, two of whom are men.

a closer look

Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative began with one woman who had a desire to change the world around her. Immaculee Nyiramuhakwa was well aware of the poverty in her home and community. But she was also aware of the value of the weaving skills she possessed.  At Immaculee’s invitation, a group of poor women from the community came together and began to learn an art with the hope of earning a livelihood.  Thirteen years later, the Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative- a group of 26 women and 2 men- is working with excellence in their area of specialty, creating functional household items from banana leaves.

The group’s goal is to develop themselves and their community through their art.  In the past year, the group members have been able to use their income to provide food, clothing, and soap for their families.  The married women of the group have seen peace and happiness grow in their homes as they have had the opportunity for financial independence from their husbands and the dignity of being significant contributors to the family’s wellbeing.  The members of Abaharaniriterambere use their time together not only to weave and exchange advice, but to discuss important topics such as women’s rights. With Immaculee still leading the way, this group is determined to continue to better themselves and their community, and to stand strong in Rwanda’s vision for a better future.


Nyaruguru District

  • Population – 300,000
  • Size of District – 1,010 km2, or 390 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (beans, peas, maize, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, sorghum, bananas, millet, cabbage, tomatoes, fruit trees)
  • Official District Website: www.nyaruguru.gov.rw