CPEFO Amizero Cooperative

Clementine, Mediatrice, Sixbert, and Eric

at a glance

  • CPEFO Amizero means Hope Cooperative

  • The four young weavers of the group are all heads of their households.

  • The group members were trained in a year-long vocational education program run by the local Catholic Church.

  • CPEFO Amizero Cooperative works in Gisagara District.

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a closer look

The four young artisans of CPEFO Amizero have two main things in common.  The first is their background of poverty and struggle.  Though they are all around 20 years old, each one is the head of their household, in charge of younger siblings or elderly family members.  But Sixbert, Media, Eric, and Clementine also hold something else in common.  Together, they are determined to use their art for income and the betterment of their families.

Several years ago, the local parish of the Catholic Church chose these four young people, among others, for a year-long training program for vulnerable youth.  When the training was complete, some of the students decided to join together in an cooperative to try to turn their newly-learned skills into a profession.  Members of the group have different specialties, including wood carving, tailoring, and weaving.  Sixbert, Media, Eric, and Clementine’s specialty is weaving in various forms and mediums.  And it is their togetherness and their art that is leading them towards amizero- hope.



Gisagara District

  • Population – 278,858 people
  • Size of District – 678 km2, or 262 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture, especially rice production.  Other main crops include coffee, maize, and cassava.
  • Official District Website: www.gisagara.gov.rw