Ibyishimo Joy Sewing Association

at a glance

  • Ibyishimo means joy

  • This sewing association was founded in June 2011.

  • The group is comprised of 11 seamstresses and 1 tailor.

  • Ibyishimo Association meets at the Vineyard church in a rural area just outside Rwanda’s capital.

a closer look

Ibyishimo means joy.  The 11 women and one man of Ibyishimo Sewing Association chose their name name because of the joy they feel in mastering new skills and being able to earn an income from their work.  Founded in June 2011 through Rwanda’s first Vineyard Church, this small association has quickly grown in skill, confidence, and capacity.  Their foot pedal-powered sewing machines have been humming- humming with beautiful products, humming with hope for the future, humming with joy.

With the money they earn from their sewing, the members of Ibyishimo are providing for the education and nutrition of their children.  As they sew, they discuss marriage and life, advising and encouraging one another.  Each individual has overcome great sorrow and many obstacles in life.  But now, together, they are humming with joy and hoping and planning for the future.

Check out their video from our friends at The Story Company:

Ibyshimo - Story Company Partner from Story Company on Vimeo.