Kundagaseke Association

at a glance

  • Kundagaseke means Basket Lovers Association.

  • The women of Kundagaseke see their purpose as being to fight against poverty and develop themselves.

  • 17 women are members of the Basket Lovers’ Association.

  • Kundagaseke’s artistic specialty is weaving traditional Rwandan baskets from natural sisal fibers.

  • The members of Kundagaseke use their weaving time to discuss unity, culture, and reconciliation.

a closer look

The members of Kundagaseke “Basket Lovers” Association have dedicated themselves to getting out of poverty, rising above the conditions they used to live in. In addition to farming, the artisans spend their days weaving- baskets, coasters, earrings, and bracelets- to make enough money to support themselves and their families. They work patiently and diligently, a single bracelet taking a full day to create.

And the women of Kundagaseke are seeing their hard work pay off. They have been able to cover their basic necessities, like clothing, shoes, soap, and health insurance, and several have been able to purchase cell phones,  and invest in land, domestic animals as well.  The weavers’ primary desire is to connect with customers- a large and sustainable market- so that their weaving can provide a consistent income for them and their families.  The members of the group also hope to keep progressing so they can follow individual dreams, like personal bank accounts and tuition for their children’s schools.


Kamonyi District

  • Population – 265,365 people
  • Size of District – 656km2, or 253 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (cassava, beans, sorghum, soy beans, maize, sweet potatoes, vegetables & peanuts)
  • Official District Website: www.kamonyi.gov.rw