Paul Nzabonimpaye’s son, Hezekiah Kwihangana

Paul Nzabonimpaye

at a glance

  • We are sad to share that Paul passed away suddenly in his home on October 13, 2011.

  • Paul had over 40 years experience in woodcarving.

  • Wooden birds, carved gift boxes, and natural gourd rattles were Paul’s specialty.

  • Paul’s birds were carved primarily from the wood of the Jacaranda tree.

  • Paul passed on his wood carving skills to his son Hezekiah, who is the 6th of Paul’s 7 children.


a closer look

For more than four decades, Paul Nzabonimpaye crafted beautiful items from wood.  His specialty was carved birds, and small wooden gift boxes decorated with a simple geometric design typical of Rwandan art.  Before his death in October 2011, Paul used his craft to supplement the yield gained from farming in his small family field.

Paul used the income from his woodcarving to repair his home and enhance his small farm land, as well as to purchase household essentials such as food, clothing, and soap.  His carving also served to support their teenaged children’s education.  Paul’s woodcarving legacy is continued by his teenage son Hezekiah, who carves beautiful doves that would make his father proud.  With his income, Hezekiah continues to support his mother, Agnes, and helps his younger brother pay for school.



Muhanga District

  • Population – 307,501
  • Size of District – 648 km2, or 250 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (coffee, cassava, vegetables and cereals)
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