Twisungane Association

at a glance

  • Twisungane means Let’s Be Together Association.

  • Eleven orphans make up the Twisungane Association.

  • The members of Twisungane Association have been trained in banana leaf crafts to provide an income to care for their families.

  • Among the group’s goals, they wish to one day own their own workshop and have sustainable, large orders.

a closer look

Martin, the Twisungane Association president, was first trained in banana leaf card making techniques in 2007 by a non-profit organization. As an orphan himself, he sought to help other orphans turned head of households provide for their families. He began training others to work with him, and now he works with ten other artisans to produce a wide variety of banana leaf designs. This group of spirited young people continues to grow and develop in their skills.