Zamuka Cooperative

at a glance

  • Zamuka Mutegarugori means Women Progress Cooperative.

  • Zamuka works in the Rugendabari community (a Child Development Program community of FH) in Muhanga District.

  • The group has almost 30 members, all women.

  • Zamuka’s artistic specialty is weaving bowls.


a closer look

The women of the Zamuka cooperative are focused and determined.  They are determined to be excellent weavers.  They are determined to support one another.  They are determined to build a strong foundation for their cooperative, their families, and their community.  Since Zamuka’s formation in 2007, the group has grown in leaps and bounds.  They are among the best weavers in the region, and have made the significant step of taking on weaving as their profession rather than a side job. The women meet together daily, working and exchanging advice on everything from weave quality, to child rearing, to good health practices.  Their income from weaving means that they can employ their neighbors, support the local suppliers of raw materials, give business to the community market vendors, and invest in the health of their land and their families.  Their children have increased access to nutrition, health, and education.  Their husbands have grown in their respect and appreciation.

And in 2009, the remarkable women of Zamuka began to build in a new way.  With vision and their own hands, they are building a new weaving house, community multi-purpose room, and gardens, and continue to progress towards a hopeful future.


Muhanga District

  • Population – 307,501
  • Size of District – 648 km2, or 250 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (coffee, cassava, vegetables and cereals)
  • Official District Website: