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Our Work in Communities

Azizi Life is pleased to work in many of the communities in Rwanda where Food for the Hungry (fh) is active.
Particularly, we are working in the Southern Province in with associations supported by a program promoting micro-enterprise. In addition, we are working in three communities supported by fh's Child Development Program. It is our privilege to participate in the ongoing development of these communities by connecting artisan associations with a market and much-needed income. The artisans use their craft profits for essentials such as soap, food to supplement their harvests, clothing, and school supplies. Many have also invested in farm animals, which provide added nourishment, fertilizer for more productive fields, and income from the sale of the livestock offspring.

When artisans are able to make their craft their livelihood, their community impact goes even further. They are able to hire other community members to help look after their children and their field. Their money goes to their neighbors who sell food, dry goods, animals, and raw materials for the crafts. They have more to contribute to their churches and others in need. And the artisans have more time and space to invest in the health and care of their children, homes, and fields.

One of the most ambitious groups, Abarikumwe "People Who Are Together" Association in the Cyeza community, went even further. The ladies created a skit (very funny!) designed to encourage others within their community to join together and work towards finding solutions to their own poverty.

Thank you for helping us to promote these remarkable women and men as they impact their families, communities, and nation.

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