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If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Muhanga (Gitarama) then look no further. Azizi Life Experiences now offers some great value accommodation options for you to choose from!

Stay in our basic but comfortable Azizi Life Hostel in the heart of town, or camp in our beautiful gardens. You can also experience rural life by spending 1-2 nights in a village home with one of our Artisans partners. See below for descriptions of the different options!

the hostel

With warm showers, a shared lounge area and access to the kitchen the Azizi Life Hostel is the perfect place for those on a budget. The Azizi Life Hostel can sleep a total of fourteen people, with four bedrooms and seven bunk beds.

Azizi Life staff can arrange for cooked lunches and dinners, or the hostel has self-catering facilities with a basic kitchen and cooking supplies. There are local shops nearby where you can purchase basic food supplies.

Bed and simple self-serve breakfast costs: 10,000frw ($14.50) per person per night.
Bed without any breakfast costs: 8,000frw ($11.50) per person per night.
Lunch or Dinner costs: 3,000frw ($4.50) per person per meal.

home stays

Get a unique glimpse into the life of rural Rwanda by staying with an Azizi Life Artisan! The homes are located in one of the villages surrounding Muhanga (Gitarama) Town. The accommodation is basic but you will be in your own bedroom with a mosquito net. There will not be any hot water and the toilet will be a pit latrine, located outside of the house but within the family compound. There will be a translator on hand to help with communication.

Please contact us for more details on arranging a home stay and the prices.


Azizi Life has a beautiful garden for camping that allows you access to warm showers, a shared lounge and kitchen. Azizi Life does NOT currently have any camping equipment for hire, the visitor must provide any camping supplies needed.

The Azizi Life garden provides enough space for at least four small (2 person) tents. If you have a larger tent, please contact Azizi Life to arrange ahead for space.

Camping and simple self-serve breakfast costs: 8,000frw ($11.50) per person per night.
Camping without any breakfast costs: 6,000frw ($8.50) per person per night.
Lunch or Dinner costs 3,000frw: ($4.50) per person per meal.

Booking & Contacts

For further information and to book your stay:

Please call Tom or Jeannine on +250785781146

or email us at

We are members of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association