host a bazaar

fundraising opportunity

let our artisan partners support your cause!

Hosting a Bazaar of handcrafted gifts is the perfect way to raise funds for your church, school, youth group, club, or cause of your choice. Your sale of a Bazaar Package will double your money, in addition to raising awareness for your project and supporting a fair wage for Rwandan artisans- win, win, win!

If you would like to fundraise for the work we are doing in Rwanda, just Email us at and ask about becoming an 'Azizi Life Champion!'

how it works

  1. Reach Out. Email us at and we will email you "Bazaar Calculator"- our latest product list for bazaar sales.
  2. Choose your products. Using the Bazaar Calculator, you select the products you would like to sell, with a minimum order of $300. If we run out of stock, we will select similar products of the same value to act as substitutes for the ones you have chosen. The products are mailed to your address for the set mailing charge of $40, no matter where you are located in the continental US. Since you don’t have to pay until after your sale, we’ll keep your credit card number on reference until we receive your payment.
  3. Sell. Whether you are setting up a table at a community craft fair or holding your own event, customers will be wowed by the beauty and quality of your products. We’ll provide you with downloadable marketing materials and a slide show that you can use during your craft sale. Included in these materials is a price list for your customers. At the prices we have suggested on this sheet, you will earn 35% to 65% on every product sold (excluding the mailing costs) and your customers will also benefit from shopping at a discount off our normal website prices.
  4. Pay. There is no need to send us payment until you have had your craft event. After your sale simply mail us a check for the value of the products you selected plus $40 for the mailing. In purchasing the Fundraising Bazaar Package, you agree to send payment within 60 days of receiving the package. If we have not received payment within 60 days, we’ll get in touch with you; Azizi Life does reserve the right to charge your credit card for the cost of your products after 60 days. Please note that as we are already selling this fundraising pack at the lowest possible price, it is not possible to return any unsold products. However, since your purchase price is so low, you have lots of room to provide great discounts to tempt more customers in, and still cover all of your costs.
  5. Voila! You have supported your cause while at the same time promoting fair trade livelihoods in Rwanda!

what's in the package?

Your bazaar package will include:
  • a variety of beautiful and functional handcrafted art. If you pay $500, you get $1000 worth of crafts!

  • "Connections Cards" with information about Azizi Life and a featured artisan. Great for giving to interested customers!

  • PDF files to print promotional posters and flyers for your event (see Tools for Hosting below).

  • artisan stories for you to re-tell.

  • display and set-up suggestions.

  • a list of special bazaar retail prices.

  • NEW: special products to help with your display are also available for sale.


If you have any questions about hosting a bazaar or simply just want to find out a bit more, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our email address is:

the benefits

  • You have a new way of raising money for your chosen project.

  • You are helping the Rwandan artisans earn a fair wage for their products, which in turn is helping lift their communities out of poverty.

  • You have the opportunity to raise awareness not only for your chosen project, but also about people’s lives in Rwanda!

tools for hosting

Here are some of the promotional tools that will be included in your bazaar package!

advocacy info- information on Azizi Life & Rwanda, along with several artisan stories to re-tell.

setting up a beautiful bazaar- tips on setting up your bazaar.

table top poster- a bit of information on Azizi Life to set up alongside your products.

"hope" - set of four posters- four posters that you can hang at your sale.

"help humanity" - set of four posters- another option to hang at your event.