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Pathways around Remarkable Rwanda

Thanks to Rwanda’s lush green hills, beautiful valleys and welcoming people it is one of the easiest and most exciting places in East Africa to explore by foot or bike. All around the rural communities there is already a vast network of paths ready and waiting for you to explore and, it is the hope and desire of Azizi Life Pathways team to connect you to them.

This webpage will enable you to download maps for specific walks direct to your smart phone or to print them off with easy to follow instructions. If you prefer to be assisted by a local guide and get the added insights they have to offer, then you can also book those by following the instructions below.

We love Remarkable Rwanda and it is our pleasure to help you to connect with the wonderful rural communities here.

Cultural Connections

In your explorations, please remember that you are a visitor in the home communities of hardworking people who are worthy of your deep respect. We hope that you will approach your experience with an open mind and ready to learn from the people you meet.

To help with your interactions and to ensure the most enjoyable experience for both you and the communities that you will visit, we have provided a document with few helpful tips and Kinyarwanda words to help in your interactions. Please click on the link below to download yur own copy:

Community Visit Guidelines


If you would like to benefit from some local knowledge as you explore, we are able to provide a guide to accompany you on your walk. Your guide can help you follow one of our set routes, adding in information on points of interest, or you can chose to explore a different area, creating an adventure of your very own, with the guide to help.

All of the Guides have been vetted and trained by the Azizi Life Pathways team to ensure that they provide the highest level of service possible. The guides are fluent in English or French, but please do remember to let us know which language you prefer when booking.

To book a Guide please email or call Azizi Life Experiences and we will arrange a time and place for the Guide to meet you.

The Price for the Guide Service is:
Half Day (4 hours or less) = 8,000frw
Full Day (4 to 8 hours) = 12,000frw

Finding Us

Many of the pathways will start from the main Azizi Life office where there is free parking available for hikers. The compound is gated and there is a guard 24 hours a day, however, as we offer the service for free we can not take responsibility for your possessions and therefore your vehicle and anything that you leave on our property is ultimately your responsibility and left there at your own risk.

The Azizi Life main office is located in Muhnanga town about a one hour drive from Kigali. For those of you who will be driving on your visit, click here for a google map that will help you find us.

If you are taking the bus or need help with arranging transport for getting to Muhanga, click here for some helpful tip and phone numbers.

Hiking and Biking Routes

We have plotted some of our favorite routes for you to use below. We plan to add more routes each month and so please do check back for updates – there is always a new place to explore.

It’s also our hope that you will send us walks and bike routes of your own that we will then add onto this site. If you are interested in doing this then please email or phone us and we can give you some tips and guidance on the format that is best for uploading to our site.

Each link will take you to a separate page that has a description and photos of the route. It is here that you will also be able to download, for free, the maps and route descriptions. If your phone is equipped with GPS then you can download these maps and follow whist you are out in the communities via Google Earth, Google Map or My Tracks.

Twin Lakes - This walk follows the curve of a valley between two man made lakes. For more details and maps click here

Useful Apps & Mapping Your Own Walks

The Pathways maps are easy to download and use onto your phone but to ensure that yu have the right apps on your phone and make the process a bit easier we have created a couple of guides for you to follow. Please note that you will need a smart phone with internet capability in Rwanda and GPS to make the maps work.

If you have an Android phone click here for your guide

If you have an iphone click here for your guide

Useful Contacts

For further information and to book a guide:

Please call Tom or Jeannine on +250785781146

or email us at

We are members of the Rwanda Tours and Travel Association