Caramel Twist Woven Pot with Lid: $36.00


Product Weight: 1 lbs

Product Style Number: WB/7TN/M/4

at a glance

  • The caramel color of our woven pot is created when the naturally-white sisal fibers are steeped in Rwandan tea leaves.

  • The sisal fibers are then woven around locally-gathered forest grasses until the twist pattern is formed.

  • The flat lid makes the woven pot useful for storage and even stacking.

  • The Caramel Twist pot measures 3.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide.

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a closer look

We are excited to introduce to you the Caramel Twist Woven Pot!  This is our first woven bowl with a lid, which makes it extra-useful for storing things. These pots stack too, making them perfect for keeping things neat and organized.  Some might call it a “Useful Pot to Put Things In”....

The Caramel Twist Pot is woven by women of Abibumbye “People Who Are Together” Cooperative.  We hope you’ll take a moment to meet them in their profile below.

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made by:

Abibumbye Cooperative

  • Abibumbye means People Who Are Together Cooperative.

  • The women have been working together since July of 2008.  Their membership is now around 18.

  • The artisans of Abibumbye dream of having their own workshop and market to work in.

  • Abibumbye primarily makes coin purses, ornamental balls, and the Caramel Twist Pot.  Group members also have skills in beading and crochet.

  • Abibumbye works in Muhanga District.


made in:

Muhanga District

  • Population – 307,501
  • Size of District – 648 km2, or 250 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (coffee, cassava, vegetables and cereals)
  • Official District Website: