Traditional Peace Basket: $60.00

Traditional Rwandan Peace Basket



Product Weight: 0.22 lbs

Product Style Number: BK/1BW/M/8

at a glance

  • The Traditional Peace Basket is crafted from valley grasses and banana leaves over a papyrus frame.

  • The lightness and delicacy of these baskets add to their elegance.

  • Each basket measures approximately 14 inches tall.

  • How can weaving promote peace?  Read more about the Peace Basket Cooperative below!

a closer look

This beautiful and delicate basket is the quintessential Rwandan gift.  In Rwanda, these baskets are often used to hold other gifts- like the one given by every bride to her new husband’s mother. The baskets are then proudly displayed in the home or used to contain dry goods such as beans or rice.

Each Traditional Peace Basket takes an entire week to weave, and is made from all natural and locally-grown materials.

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made by:

Agaseke k’Amahoro Association

  • Agaseke k’Amahoro means Peace Basket Association.

  • The group has about 120 members, 40 of whom are weaving actively.

  • Community: The group weaves together in Rusatira, Huye District.

  • Artistic Focus: Weaving grass baskets.

  • Vision: To promote peace within and outside their group as they practice their art for their livelihood.


made in:

Huye District

  • Population – 290,677
  • Size of District – 582 km2, or 225 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (main crops – coffee, rice, banana, sweet potatoes, avocados, vegetables, sorghum & fruit).
  • Official District Website: