Woven Disc Earrings: $10.00




Product Weight: 0.02 lbs

Product Style Number: ER/2B/S/2

at a glance

  • Disc earrings are hand-woven from natural sisal fibers.

  • Available in red, tea, blue, green, natural (white), yellow, black, and raspberry.

  • Choose small (3cm) or large (5cm)- or one of each!

  • We use only hypoallergenic earring hooks.


a closer look

Light and delicate, these earrings are woven from natural sisal fibers.  The weaving technique is taken from the age-old craft of weaving traditional Rwandan baskets. 

Our disc earrings come in a variety of colors: red, tea, blue, green, natural (white), yellow, black and raspberry.  The tea earrings are actually dyed with Rwandan tea leaves!

Create your own set with our woven bracelets!

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made by:

Abarikumwe Association

  • Abarikumwe means People Who Are Together Association.

  • Abarikumwe works in the Cyeza community (a Child Development Program community of FH) in Muhanga District.

  • The group has about 10 active members, all women.

  • Abarikumwe’s artistic specialty is weaving with sisal fibers.

Abihuje Association

  • Abihuje means People Who Are Together Cooperative.

  • The group purposes to fight against poverty and improve their standard of living through weaving.

  • Abihuje’s artistic specialty is weaving sisal fibers.

  • The group has about 12 members, all women.

  • Abihuje works in Kamonyi District.


Abumurava Cooperative

  • Abumurava means People Striving for Excellence Cooperative.

  • Abumurava’s vision is to work together in order that the members may develop themselves, increase their standard of living, and reduce their financial dependence on others.

  • The group has about 30 members, all women.

  • Abumurava’s artistic specialty is weaving sisal fibers.

  • Abumurava works in Muhanga District.


Ingobokarugo Cooperative

  • Ingobokarugo means Helping Our Homes Cooperative.

  • Over 30 women are members of Ingabokarugo weaving Cooperative.

  • The weavers’ financial independence has improved their relationships with their husbands and enabled them to contribute to their households.

  • Ingabokarugo’s artistic specialty is weaving ornamental baskets.


Kundagaseke Association

  • Kundagaseke means Basket Lovers Association.

  • The women of Kundagaseke see their purpose as being to fight against poverty and develop themselves.

  • 17 women are members of the Basket Lovers’ Association.

  • Kundagaseke’s artistic specialty is weaving traditional Rwandan baskets from natural sisal fibers.

  • The members of Kundagaseke use their weaving time to discuss unity, culture, and reconciliation.

made in:

Muhanga District

  • Population – 307,501
  • Size of District – 648 km2, or 250 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (coffee, cassava, vegetables and cereals)
  • Official District Website: www.muhanga.gov.rw