Woven Loop Earrings: $10.00



Product Weight: 0.01 lbs

Product Style Number: ER/1B/M/2

at a glance

  • Loop earrings are available in red, tea, blue, green, natural (white), yellow, black, and raspberry.

  • These earrings are hand-woven from natural sisal fibers.

  • The loops measure approximately 2 1/4 inches x 1 3/4 inches, and are very thin and lightweight.

  • We use only hypoallergenic earring hooks.

a closer look

Our loop earrings are a fun and beautiful addition to your wardrobe and great conversation piece. 

The women who weave these earrings use natural sisal fibers and age-old basket weaving skills to create the lightweight loops, which we then complete with hypoallergenic earring hooks. 

Loop earrings are available in red, tea, blue, green, natural, yellow, black, and raspberry.  Coincidentally, so do our bracelets- maybe you would like a set!

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made by:

Abihuje Association

  • Abihuje means People Who Are Together Cooperative.

  • The group purposes to fight against poverty and improve their standard of living through weaving.

  • Abihuje’s artistic specialty is weaving sisal fibers.

  • The group has about 12 members, all women.

  • Abihuje works in Kamonyi District.


Ingobokarugo Cooperative

  • Ingobokarugo means Helping Our Homes Cooperative.

  • Over 30 women are members of Ingabokarugo weaving Cooperative.

  • The weavers’ financial independence has improved their relationships with their husbands and enabled them to contribute to their households.

  • Ingabokarugo’s artistic specialty is weaving ornamental baskets.


Abarikumwe Association

  • Abarikumwe means People Who Are Together Association.

  • Abarikumwe works in the Cyeza community (a Child Development Program community of FH) in Muhanga District.

  • The group has about 10 active members, all women.

  • Abarikumwe’s artistic specialty is weaving with sisal fibers.

made in:

Kamonyi District

  • Population – 265,365 people
  • Size of District – 656km2, or 253 miles2
  • Main work – Agriculture (cassava, beans, sorghum, soy beans, maize, sweet potatoes, vegetables & peanuts)
  • Official District Website: www.kamonyi.gov.rw