2018 Holiday Gift Guide


This year’s Local + Lejos gift guide has been put together in the spirit of self-care and small indulgences at home. Get them the gift of everything they need to rule their home kingdom with style: gorgeous, functional accents for their coffee table, a chic object d’art, an unexpected display for fruits, and the classic bowl reimagined with beautifully contemporary results.

Below we’ve included three gift guide categories—you’ll notice some old favorites as well as some newly launched pieces that are fit for a king (and queen), eternally classic choices, and pieces that everyone will use.


The Local + Lejos Gift Guide


1. The Crowd-Pleaser: Stocking Stuffers

    They say it’s the little things that count, and these overall crowd-pleasers add up to gifts that are the perfect gesture—better yet, they all clock in at well under $100.

    • Sisal Peace Basket (Black)
    • Bariku Bowl Small (White)
    • Prism Bowl Small (Pale Pink & Teal)
    • Akaneri Bowl Medium (Black)

    2. A Simple Trio of Bowls

      Let’s face it; good things come in threes. Gift the trio or spread the love around and let them hold their own.

      • The Esther Set
      • The Clemintine Set
      • The Bibi Set



        3. For The Minimalist

          Soften the hard edges of minimalism with handwoven classics and luxurious comfort.

          • Zera Tray (White)
          • Sisal Peace Basket (White)
          • Raya Lumbar Pillow (White)
          • Catarina Lumbar Pillow (Beige)

            This year, gift pieces that are timeless, thoughtful, genuinely useful, and that have your name written all over them!

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