Ubuzima Bwiza i Munazi

Neighbors from the village of Munazi have come together to work with local bee products to create beautiful and useful goods! From the sale of their candles so far some have invested in farm animals and others refurbished their homes. But there is even more benefit than this. [highlight]"Before working with this candle dipping group I was lonely, since working with them I now have a good group of friends whom I regularly meet." Grace[/highlight]

Emile Twagirimana

Emile, who learned carving from his father, has a gift for creatively taking a new idea and bringing it to reality. [highlight]In the hands of an artisan, discarded cow horn is repurposed and transformed into things of beauty.[/highlight]

Abakundamurimo Association

In their youth, the women of Abakundamurimo learned to craft through a vocational training program for vulnerable children at the local Anglican church. Today, they continue to earn income by harvesting dried leaves from their banana trees and creating mosaic greeting cards. [highlight]In the hands of the artisans, tiny pieces of the banana leaf’s fine surface become mosaic images from Rwanda.[/highlight]

Atelier Marie Raphael

In the hands of an artisan, banana branches which have sloughed off the tree become used to create something beautiful. Using only a razor blade and glue mixed with cassava flour, artisans cut tiny pieces of the surface of the leaf and glue them into patterns of beauty. [highlight]Banana leaf mosaics beautifully adorn our greeting cards. [/highlight]

Abizeranye Cooperative

More than 4554 stitches are hand woven into every medium bowl. And with every stitch, the artisan had her family in mind. With her fair wage income, she provides for the wellbeing of her household in the Rwandan countryside. [highlight]Nourishment, health, education, and dreams for a bright future- your basket holds much love.[/highlight]

Abarikumwe Association

The women of Abarikumwe are skilled farmers, excellent weavers, and delightful Experiences hostesses. One of Azizi Life’s first artisan partner groups, Abarikumwe has grown together with us, with much laughter along the way. The Abarikumwe artisans specialize in weaving jewelry from natural sisal fibers. [highlight]We are honored to introduce you to the creators of the very first Azizi Life Experience Day![/highlight]

Abihuje Cooperative

The founders of Abihuje began with the hope that if they joined their strength and knowledge together, they could work towards a solution to their poverty. As they began to work together, the group not only grew in skill, but in friendship and mutual support. The women of Abihuje specialize in weaving Rwandan Sisal Peace Baskets.[highlight]With fair wages from their weaving and the strength of their friendships and faith, the women of Abihuje are raising their families out of poverty.[/highlight]

Zamuka Cooperative

The women of the Zamuka cooperative are focused and determined. They are determined to be excellent weavers. They are determined to support one another. They are determined to build a strong foundation for their cooperative, their families, and their community. The income from weaving means that they can invest in the health of their land and their families. [highlight]As a result of our weaving, our children have increased access to nutrition, health, and education.[/highlight]

Twivanemubukene Cooperative

The weavers of Twivanemubukene work together not only to get out of physical poverty through their craft sales, but also to support and encourage one another in all aspects of life. The women care for one another and help each other with loans from the group for urgent needs, and increased income which enables them to purchase food, soap, clothing, and school supplies. Guests rave about their Experience Days with Twivanemubukene artisans! [highlight]Every week, we each make a contribution to the group, which is used for members in need.[/highlight]