Meet the artisans below! Find out which artisan made your craft on the tag included with each product.

In the hands of an artisan, discarded cow horn is repurposed and transformed into things of beauty.

Emile Twagirimana

Emile Twagirimana is a husband and father of young children.  His father, Eustache, was a woodcarver who offered products sculpted from cow horn as well.  He crafted products with skill and style, despite partial blindness.  Eustache taught Emile his craft, which he had practiced in a little outdoor workshop at home.  When Eustache passed away a few years ago, Emile took on his work with Azizi Life.  Emile is an artisan with a gift and determination for taking a new idea and bringing it to reality.

Specializing in sculpting cow horn jewelry