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Using Kiwi Shoe Polish as a wood finish brings out the beautiful curves and lines of Rwanda’s safari animals.

COASINYA Cooperative
Frederic Nyandwi & COASINYA Cooperative

Frederic Nyandwi is a husband, father, and skilled wood carver who specializes in carving beautiful decorative items for the home. When he first began working for himself in 1993, Fredric had a vision to not only develop his own skills and livelihood, but also to train others in the art and profession of woodcarving. With the support of the Rwandan government, Frederic trained more than 13 young artisans between 2009 and 2011. At the beginning of 2012, some of these newly trained woodcarvers joined together with Frederic to form an artisans’ cooperative, the COASINYA Cooperative. These woodcarvers worked until 2017 in Nyaruguru District, just south of Huye town.

Cooperative Crafted…