Adult Literacy

Can you imagine not be able to read or write?  Can you imagine what it would be like to not be able to read a sign, an important legal document or even a text message from a friend?  What if you needed to open up a bank account to deposit your earnings?  How would you do that if you couldn’t read the application or write in your responses?  You would feel dependent and powerless.  Sadly this is still the reality of many rural Rwandan adults.  Poverty and the genocide caused the formal education of many Rwandan adults to be disrupted or to be non-existent.

Ubuzima Bwiza Iwacu is seeking to break down the barriers caused by illiteracy through adult literacy classes.  We began this program in 2016 using excellent literacy materials provided by the Rwandan government.  These materials teach the students how to read and write by covering topics that are relevant to the Rwandan students like health, nutrition, clean water, immunizations, women’s rights and business development.

We started our adult literacy classes in six different village communities with a total 159 student in 2017.  By 2019 our work had grown a lot with 1,166 students enrolled across our Eight learning Centres (seven in different villages and one in Muhanga Prison).  By the end of the year 728 graduates were proficient in reading and writing with the rest of the students having a good foundation to build on.  At the beginning of 2020 we already had almost 800 students signed up for classes.

Would you consider donating in order to provide the gift of literacy to an adult on the waiting list?  The cost to sponsor one adult for the course is $35.  We plan to expand our classes so that increasing numbers of adults living in rural Rwanda can read and write.  Would you help us reach this goal?  Donate below so that we can give the gift of literacy to another eager learner.


If you are involved in teaching others yourself, we have a downloadable teaching resource book with over 190 learning activities for just $5.  The authors are giving 100% of the purchase price of the book, You Can Teach This Class, to our adult education programmes. Just click on the button below to purchase your copy today:

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