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Azizi Life and our sister NGO, Ubuzima Bwiza Iwacu, exist to help rural Rwandans thrive.  As a Christian organization, we believe that it is only through a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ that a person can be truly whole and thrive.  Each week we invite our artisans and the community to gather at our office for Bible study and prayer.  We welcome people from all denominations and faiths to study a Bible passage, discuss it and discover what it means and how it applies to their lives.  We trust that the truth of the Bible will lead each person who reads it into a relationship with Jesus.

Our artisans and friends from the community love to study the Bible, but many do not have a copy of God’s word in their own language!  Would you join us in getting God’s Word into the hands of all who need it?  A Bible in Kinyarwanda costs $6.50 and will transform the lives of all who read it.  Donate below to put God’s Word into the hands of rural Rwandans.

We are careful to always leave time for prayer and sharing at the end of our Bible study.  Each week our friends share what they are struggling with and are encouraged as others in the group pray for them.  We also take time to praise and thank God for all he has done.  Azizi Life could not have gotten this far without prayer!  If you’d like to subscribe to our prayer newsletter, please click on Prayer.

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