Clay in the Potter’s Hand: Artisan Francine’s Story

Interview by Natalie Imanishimwe  "My name is Francine Mukamabano.…

Twivanemubukene Cooperative

The weavers of Twivanemubukene work together not only to get out of physical poverty through their craft sales, but also to support and encourage one another in all aspects of life. The women care for one another and help each other with loans from the group for urgent needs, and increased income which enables them to purchase food, soap, clothing, and school supplies. Guests rave about their Experience Days with Twivanemubukene artisans! [highlight]Every week, we each make a contribution to the group, which is used for members in need.[/highlight]

Ingobokarugo Cooperative

The Ingabokarugo “Helping Our Homes” Cooperative is made up of more than twenty women who endeavor to contribute to the livelihoods of their families through weaving. These artisans also are much-loved hostesses of Azizi Life Experiences guests. [highlight]Our financial independence has improved our relationships with our husbands and enabled us to contribute to our households.[/highlight]