Our Team

Azizi Life centers around the work of hundreds of artisans, and is made possible by an amazing staff and a network of amazing partners and volunteers working all over the world – for whom we are very thankful.

In Rwanda


Chief Executive Officer

Leader of all the work in Rwanda and responsible for the vision, direction and growth of Azizi Life.


Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for all the day to day running of the craft business, leading the process from product design all the way through to the final customer.


Impact Director

Responsible for all the non-business Impact initiatives done by Azizi Life.


Studio Manager

Responsible for all the activities at the Azizi Life Studio in Kigali Rwanda.


Artisan Liaison

Responsible for supporting Azizi Life’s artisan partners in all areas of craft production.


Crafts Team Assistant

Assisting in the support of Azizi Life’s artisan partners in all areas of craft production.


Artisan Expert

Responsible for developing, communicating and training Azizi Life artisan partners in new product designs.


International Liaison

Responsible for custom product development and acting as a bridge between Rwanda and the global market.


Impact Manager

Responsible for administration and development of all Impact projects in Rwanda.


Impact Assistant

Responsible for the administration of our impact projects.


Finance Manager

Responsible for the finances all across the Azizi Life group.


Content Writer

Responsible for writing the Azizi Life blog and prayer updates.

Office Support

Responsible for the safety and smooth running of the Azizi Life main office in Muhanga.

Experiences Facilitators

Responsible for facilitating wonderful connections between guests and their artisan hostesses and community during Azizi Life Experience Days and tours.

Boutique Staff

Responsible for sharing the beauty of Azizi Life with guests to our Boutique at Heaven Restaurant in Kigali.

In the U.S.A.


US Coordinator

Responsible for the day to day running of operations in the U.S.


Warehouse Manager

Responsible for all the warehousing and distribution in the U.S.

U.S. Board

Responsible for all U.S. operations, and for oversight and the smooth running of all the charitable work of Azizi Life globally. Plus providing support and advice to all the connected social enterprises in Rwanda.