Our Guide to Choosing Which Bowl Is Right for You

If you’re reading this, then you obviously love our Rwandan-made bowls as much as we do! Even our Founder, Sheeva, fell for them: “The first time I saw these products being made in person, my jaw actually dropped.”—Sheeva, Local + Lejos Founder.

Handwoven in the hills of Rwanda, about an hour outside of the capital, Kigali, the women use all-natural materials from their farms (grass and sisal), to weave these beauties. Each bowl has its own character, story, and intention.

You know you want to feel their impact in your home, but seriously—which one should you choose?! They’re all different and remain contemporary and timeless, and you could make a case for every bowl as to why they should come home with you….

So before you head into bowl overwhelm (yes, that’s a thing here!), we’ve created a simple 3-question guide to help you choose, regret-free:

Question 1: What’s the Impact You Want It to Have?

Our mission at Local + Lejos is impact—so it’s natural that when we make any recommendations on what bowl is right for you, we start with intention. Determining where your bowl will go is the main guide in choosing what’s right for you. So, the first step is to choose where to place the bowl: a wall, side-table, entryway, bathroom, living room coffee table, a desk, dining table… make sense? Alright, next step…


Question 2: Will It Be an Accent Piece or the Main Feature?

So, now that you have in mind the location, will it be an accent piece to complement other items of furniture or decor or the main focal point that you want all eyes to be drawn to as they enter the room? This will help you to decide the number of bowls you need, as well as the right size for your room.


Left to right: @thisthriftedabode, @britdotdesign

Question 3: Do You Like Pops of Color or Something Neutral?

Fortunately, decorating with bowls means you can add color to a room without the commitment of painting the walls! Think about which color or pattern would work well for the setting: the perfect pop of color or something neutral and modern or warm and cozy? Pops of colors usually work well in the social rooms of your house—living room, dining room, and kitchen, while neutral colors are more calming and great for the bedroom, office, and nursery.

Shop our Collections: Minimalist Collection, Indigo Collection, Geometric Collection, Prism Collection, and our All Black Collection.

Still Not Sure? We Got You.

If you still need some inspiration in choosing, check out our bestsellers and you simply won’t go wrong! Oh, and if by chance you’re not totally in love with your choice, it’s ok—we offer FREE returns within 30 days (excludes sale items).

Choosing which bowl is right for you should be fun and exciting, not stressful. Remember, all of our bowls are versatile enough to pretty much go anywhere and have a multitude of uses. All that’s left to do is to give one of our timeless, handwoven beauties a place in your home 🙂

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